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Our Services

Benefit from our comprehensive suite of services, from prompt equipment repairs to meticulous servicing. We prioritise your equipment’s longevity with regular maintenance, offer insightful site surveys, free assessments, and ensure safety with thorough decontamination processes.

Equipment Repairs

Swift and reliable repair services ensuring your healthcare equipment remains in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and enhancing patient care.

Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

Dedicated to prolonging equipment life with regular check-ups, servicing, and maintenance, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

Managed Services

Contact us to find out how our Managed Services provision can streamline your operation

Continuous Support & Training

Continuous support and training, optimising the use of equipment and maximising the efficiency and processes

Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking system revolutionises healthcare operations by ensuring optimal equipment utilisation and minimising misplacement. By providing real-time visibility into equipment location and status, it reduces delays and enhances patient care.

Job Management

Our field management software streamlines business operations, connecting field staff to back-office workflows. It enhances efficiency, centralises data, and facilitates optimal job scheduling whilst providing total transparency to the customer

Free Assessments, Site Surveys & Training

Comprehensive on-site evaluations, tailored assessments, and training sessions, empowering your team with knowledge and ensuring the right equipment, for the right person, at the right time.


Prioritizing patient safety with rigorous decontamination processes, ensuring all equipment meets the highest hygiene and safety standards.

To book an assessment or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 01978 269901 or click here to email us

Available for Purchase

We sell safe specialist seating, clinical beds, surfaces, and equipment for patients in acute and community care. Our products prioritize patient comfort and caregiver convenience.


Rent healthcare equipment from us! We have a wide range of options from seating to hospital beds. Rent for any duration with our flexible plans. Our rental process is simple and hassle-free with dedicated support.

Servicing Available

We provide equipment servicing, training, and clinical assessments. Our engineers keep your equipment in great shape while our training is designed for healthcare professionals. Our team also conducts free seating assessments for patients without obligation.