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Modular Ramps

Innovative solutions ensuring safe and efficient patient mobility, designed for caregiver ease and optimal patient comfort across healthcare settings.

Why Modular Ramps?

Our experience with the Welcome Modular Ramp System has been transformative. These ramps are highly adaptable, catering to various mobility devices, from wheelchairs to walking frames. Their modular nature ensures easy adjustments, making them perfect for homes. One standout feature is their ease of modification; as needs change, the system can be expanded or reduced without disruptive demolition. Furthermore, the system offers a range of configurations, ensuring a fit for every individual's requirements. Beyond the product itself, the availability of accessories, from platform gates to handrail options, ensures a comprehensive solution for all access needs. This system truly embodies flexibility and user-centric design.

About Enable Access

Enable Access is the UK's premier innovator and manufacturer of top-tier mobility access and evacuation products. Their offerings, including the RampCentre mobility access and wheelchair ramps, as well as the ExitMaster emergency stairway evacuation chairs, are meticulously designed to address accessibility, mobility, and evacuation challenges. With a commitment that dates back to 1998, their mission is to enhance lives daily. Whether the need is for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent ramps, Enable Access ensures reliable and efficient solutions. Their evacuation products are user-friendly, adhering to the highest standards, ensuring safety and compliance. Their dedication is evident in their innovative approach and unwavering customer testimonials.

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Welcome Ramp System

Available in multiple configurations to suit the individual’s requirements – highly adaptable, completely modular ramps for wheel chairs, mobility scooters, walking frame and rollator users and all other mobility devices. Perfect for homes Easy to remove, recycle and add to when needs change, avoiding any disruptive demolition work

Swift Ramp System