How Giving a Free Sanitisation Machine to a School Sparked our Local Hire Service!

Dry Fogging machines work by decontaminating the interior of a property and until recently we had only used them for our own needs. We started to sell the machines locally, as from our experience as decontamination experts we know they work, and know how much they are needed in the local area.

We had never explored the more cost effective option for customers of hiring out the machines, until a recent chance conversation with a local school governor for Black Lane County Primary School in Pentre Broughton.

As a local business based in Pentre Broughton and being just down the road from the local primary school we were keen to do all we could to see them re-open safely and that’s precisely why we offered to let the school have use of one of our machines free of charge as well as us ‘fogging’ the school for them.

When we further assessed how often the school would need this service, we knew that there needed to be another cost-effective option to assist squeezed budgets.
Having a machine of their own would allow them to sanitise the premises quickly and easily whilst giving confidence to their staff, parents and pupils that the premises were as clean and virus-free as possible.
When in discussions with the Chair of Governors Mr Gwyn Davies he suggested we look into hiring out the machines, so, we quickly did our homework and ordered more. This means there is now a low cost option in the Wrexham and North Wales area to sanitise buildings and we’re really proud of that!

We set out to keep it as affordable as possible and are delighted that it can be used from as little as £1.50 per day! Many customers still choose to purchase the machine but this chance conversation has provided another option for the community.

We have over ten years experience in decontamination and provide our services to numerous NHS Trusts. We provide full training and an extremely cost effective, easy to use sanitiser. We have already received orders from restaurants, gyms, shops, offices, hairdressers and are in conversations with more schools and other premises wishing to purchase or hire the machines.

The technology is a relatively new decontamination process that uses liquid disinfectant and compressed air.


Healthcare Matters can be contacted for more information and full prices on 01978 758111 or